Feasibility Studies

We can help you get your project off the ground, even if you haven’t yet decided on the building size, function or budget.  We can help you develop a brief and show you what can be achieved within the constraints of your site and budget.  We can discuss several design options with you, combined with anticipated budgets and programmes to help you choose the most feasible approach.

Planning Applications

We can put together comprehensive planning applications including drawings, 3D visuals, planning statements, shadow studies and other supporting information.  If your building is of a sensitive nature, e.g. Listed, we are also very experienced at overcoming the additional requirements associated with these buildings.  We also offer an informal planning advice service.

Virtual Modelling

We can show you what your building will actually look like via artistic impressions, 3D models and video simulations.  Furthermore we can carry out performance modelling, testing how the building will perform in a virtual environment. We are also starting to embrace Building Information Modelling (BIM) which represents the latest development in virtual, responsive design.

Construction Information

We can produce clear, concise drawings and specifications for all construction elements.  Having this information prior to building enables you to go to ‘tender’, inviting quotations from several different builders and contractors.  This information then forms an essential record of the agreed scope of works.  We can also provide just the necessary information required by building control, or adapt the proposed construction package for self-build or design-build contracts.

Build Management

We are very experienced at overseeing jobs on site, from small projects to multi-million pound projects.  Site supervision by an architect can help eliminate occurrences of poor workmanship and sub-standard materials.  We can also perform the roles of Contract Administrator and Project Manager to help you retain control of the build and ensure that it’s built to your exact specification.  When we are appointed as Lead Consultant on large projects these roles are normally included.

Specialist Skills & Services

We have a wide range of in-house design resources at your disposal.  On many projects our design influence has extended to interior design and furniture design.  We also have specialist surveying and management skills. For example Graham Stevensen is appointed as the Quinquennial Architect for several churches in and around London, so he is responsible for their regular inspections and prescribing remedial measures when necessary.

A typical design process…

We are experts at interpreting your requirements and applying these to a design before building takes place.  Even if you are unsure of what you want to build we can be engaged at an early stage to produce a feasibility study or initial concept designs.  At these early stages we can help you develop a design brief and initial designs, combined with initial projections about cost, programme and procedures.

Whilst developing a design to meet your requirements there are many other considerations that we have to plan for; site constraints, planning policies, building regulations, sustainability targets, cost, etc.  Essentially we develop a virtual model of the design which we can then test in a simulated environment, ensuring that the completed building will meet and surpass your expectations and modern standards.   It is essential practice for Architect practices to embrace modern technology to be able to design in a virtual environment, and communicate the design efficiently and easily to the client.  We can produce 2D ‘CAD’ drawings, 3D simulations, video walkthroughs and photo-realistic renders to show you what your building will look like and how it will perform.  We are also starting to embrace performance modelling (for assessing how sustainable and energy-efficient your building is likely to be) and Building Information Modelling (BIM).  The latter is a fast developing design method being embraced by the construction industry as a whole, with designs being developed in a shared virtual environment where architects and engineers can coordinate their designs in one environment.

Beyond the design stages we can continue to help you retain control of the project.  Once you are ready to build we can produce packages of construction information for contractors or sub-contractors to price.  We can even help you interview contractors.  We can also oversee the build to minimise the risk of poor workmanship, sub-standard materials, simple mistakes or programme delays.  On complex, large-scale projects we are often engaged as Lead Consultants and Contract Administrators, to coordinate large teams of cost consultants, engineers, specialist consultants, and contractors to ensure that there are no unwelcome surprises as the build progresses.

As an RIBA Chartered practice we typically follow the RIBA Work Stages throughout the design process.  You can read more about the stages on the right, which gives you a very useful insight into how an architect can assist you during each stage of the design process… 

The RIBA Plan of Work

The RIBA Plan of Work gives an overview of the key stages in the design process, and identifies an architect’s typical responsibility at each stage.RIBA Plan of Work 2013 - Generic




Many thanks for the huge amount of work that you both put into the conversion project. Families continue to say how calming it is and how comfortable. Good luck to you both in the future.
Professor Gillian Baird (OBE), Guy's & St.Thomas' Hospital
Many thanks for all your hard work.  We’ve appreciated your hands-on, involved approach.
Professor Nigel Titchener-Hooker, University College London
We were always so impressed with your quiet determination and humour and when I reflect on our meetings I remember them fondly….I hope you both continue to have profitable and enjoyable projects
We’re very grateful to Stevensen Architects for listening to our unusual demands and coming up with practical solutions.  We look forward to our next collaboration! 
Damian Frizzell, Co-owner, House of Wolf