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    School expansion programme in Croydon adversely impacts local resident

School expansion programme in Croydon adversely impacts local resident

We were recently approached by a Croydon resident in desperate need of some assistance and advice regarding a planning proposal for a school extension adjacent to her home.  She has lived in her family home for 20 years and has never been adversely affected by the neighbouring primary school, with the main school building standing almost 30 metres away.  However this balance is set to come to an abrupt end following a controversial planning decision by Croydon Council to allow a significant extension.
Three-storey extension…
The proposals consist of a multi-storey extension to the existing school building, rising up to three-storeys high to allow the capacity of the school to almost double from 240 to 420 pupils. The new building(s) will extend to within 5 metres of the homeowner’s house. A new stepped walkway will direct all these new pupils along side the boundary of the house, and new outdoor play areas will be formed on raised terraces.  In response the homeowner has expressed deep concerns about the impact that these proposals will have upon her amenities, and questioned whether the planners and councillors had given these issues thorough consideration.

Inadequate information…
I was initially asked to review the design information submitted by the developer to help the homeowner understand the proposals better.  This was not an easy task, sifting through dozens of drawings, hardly any of which seemed to demonstrate the relationship between the house and the proposed extensions.  In fact I discovered that the few drawings which did show the homeowner’s house only showed the house in outline, as a faceless building without windows or features.  In some cases the outline was even drawn inaccurately, or missing altogether.  In my opinion this was a serious oversight, and […]

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St.Luke’s Church receives full planning consent

Last month our contemporary designs for extensions and alterations to St.Luke’s church in Reigate received full planning consent.  The church itself is locally listed as a building of architectural significance, so it was a real challenge to come up with modern additions which compliment and enhance the existing building.  We’re thrilled with the final outcome, and it seems that so are the local council. One councillor remarked that “it’s nice to come across a design that we cannot improve upon”.

For full project information click here.

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Are you considering self-build?

Over the past couple of years the government has been actively encouraging the growth of self-build housing.  The UK lags behind it’s European counterparts as far as self-building is concerned, with only around 10% of new homes being self-built or custom built in the UK, compared to around 50% in some European Countries.  However, the number of self-builds being carried out in this country is rising and this trend is set to continue with the government’s support.
What is self-build?
Self-build can be interpreted in a number of ways.  Essentially it involves you, the intended occupier, taking full or partial control of the build of your new home.  It can literally mean that you design and build most or all of the house yourself, or you might appoint a contractor to build your house, or you might opt for an off-the-shelf approach such as a ‘kit-house’.

I would describe myself as an aspiring self-builder in the more literal sense.  I am currently building a two-storey side extension and single storey rear extension to my existing house.  I’m taking on as much as I can myself; excavation, foundations, bricklaying, carpentry, plastering, etc.  There are of course some jobs that I cannot and should not take on myself, e.g, electrical or gas work, but these days there are numerous websites that give budding self-builders or DIY enthusiasts easy-to-follow guidance about specific trades or skills.  In the near future I plan to take on the bigger challenge of building my own house.  If you’re also considering this then there are some great websites which I’d recommend looking up as they specifically cater for serious self-builders.  These include the Self Build Portal,the Homebuilding website and the National Self Build Association.
Initial Obstacles…
These […]