St.Luke’s Church receives full planning consent

Last month our contemporary designs for extensions and alterations to St.Luke’s church in Reigate received full planning consent.  The church itself is locally listed as a building of architectural significance, so it was a real challenge to come up with modern additions which compliment and enhance the existing building.  We’re thrilled with the final outcome, and it seems that so are the local council. One councillor remarked that “it’s nice to come across a design that we cannot improve upon”.

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Sustainability and existing buildings

Can existing buildings be made to be sustainable?  Of course they can be, but unfortunately people often look at dilapidated and under-used existing buildings and assume that the most sustainable and environmentally friendly solution would be to replace the building with a new, modern building.  This approach can of course have it’s benefits; the building can be built from the ground up using the latest technologies and methods, making it easier to achieve the highest standards of energy efficiency.  It can also work out to be a more cost effective approach.  However, sustainability is a complicated issue which demands that we consider the entire life span of a building when deciding the most responsible approach to building.

Many modern buildings are built with construction efficiency, energy efficiency and cost efficiency in mind.  Their intended life cycle may not span beyond 60 or 70 years, but this can still be justified as a sustainable approach for new builds.  However, many older buildings were designed with longer life spans in mind, using a selection of durable materials that were not chosen for their sustainable credentials, such as solid brick, concrete, or stone.  There is a huge amount of embodied energy in well-constructed, old buildings so it would be irresponsible to demolish them if their lifespan can be extended significantly further unless the building cannot be adapted to fulfil current demands.
Unlocking the potential of existing buildings…
We specialise in adapting existing buildings.  We’ve learned that maximising the potential of an existing building requires resourcefulness and innovation, and when we succeed we discover that these buildings can perform beyond many people’s expectations. We’ve created high spec environments in existing buildings which boast dramatically improved energy efficiency, generously sized spaces, intelligently controlled […]